Modus Infinity ESSENTIAL

In commercial premises such as gyms, sports centers, restaurants, spas, hairdressers and all those professional users, where the quality of the service also depends on an adequate supply of hot water, a system capable of ensuring continuity of service, water at the set temperature, low consumption and low polluting emissions is a very important factor.

Modus Infinity Essential is the WH production system designed for these types of small size commercial systems, because it eliminates the risk of sizing error and simplifies installation, thanks to pre-sized water and gas collectors.

M.I.E. is available for 2 or 3 Rinnai Infinity condensing water heaters of 26 or 32 liters / min (43 or 53 kW each), indoor or outdoor. The outdoor versions do not require a flue gas collector and can be installed in outdoor environments, provided they are protected from the direct action of atmospheric agents.

M.I.E. must be installed on a supporting wall.

Data sheet:
Models M.I.E. 2 / M.I.E. 3
Number of installable devices 2 / 3