Infinity 20e NEW

The Infinity 20 water heater is an instant domestic water heater for outdoor installation.

It produces hot water only in the face of a real request (only when the tap is opened). Unlike a tank, it does not need to keep large quantities of water at high temperatures in storage. This allows great savings in terms of energy costs and water consumption. No need to mix the water, which comes out immediately at the desired temperature.

Energy Class A, find the energy label below in the "certifications".

  • NEW_ the installer can select the "high altitude" setting to ensure maximum performance of the water heater even when installed in the high mountains, in conditions of rarefied air
  • NEW_ When the water heater and the utilities are distant and thermal dispersions are generated, the installer can correct the temperature to the degree of use (from + 1 ° C to + 3 ° C) by perfecting the temperature at the tap
  • NEW_ a progressive alert indicates the possible deposit of limestone. This allows cleaning to be carried out before the level is such as to cause a malfunction.

(photo just for reference)

Data sheet:
Code REU-A2024WD
Installation Outdoor
Device type A
Available versions Natural gas, LPG
Input (kW) min 3,46 kW MAX 39kW
Flow rate (l/min) min 2,4 l/min MAX 20 l/min (∆T=25°C), 24 l/min (∆T=20°C)
Max settable temperature (°C) 65
Minimun activation pressure (bar) 0,1
Operating water pressure (bar) min 1,2 bar MAX 10 bar
Electric consumption (W) Normal 55 W Stand-by 2 W Antifrost 68 W
Solar connection Yes
Anti-freeze outside temperature up to -20°C (STANDARD)
IPx protection IPx5D


Flue diverter

The code REU-UOP-26 indicates the Rinnai sideways flue diverter. It is compatible with the Rinnai Infinity outdoor domestic water heater models 11-14-17-20e and Rinnai Infinity outdoor condensing models km26 and km32e

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