ZEN 24 condensing domestic combi-boiler

Domestic instant gas condensing thermal generator for heating and domestic hot water.

Complete with Wi-Fi chronothermostat as standard with "My Rinnai" APP dedicated for Android and iOS smartphones. To know all the features visit this page

Features of excellence:

  • 100% stainless steel exchanger, completely recyclable
  • metal fiber burner, ultra LowNOx
  • Integrated condensate collection complete with neutralizer
  • integrated outdoor climate probe
  • earthquake sensor
  • Class 6, the best class of merit for the low environmental impact
  • it can also be installed outdoors, IPX5D and standard antifreeze up to -20 ° C
  • Energy Class A, find the energy label below in the certifications.


Zen Wi-Fi cronothermostat

Zen Wi-Fi chronothermostat is included as standard in every Zen condensing boiler, complete with the dedicated APP for Android and iOS smartphones. With the Wi-Fi chronothermostat and the APP you can set, manage and mod

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Magnets for remote controls

Adhesive magnets for applying the thermostat / wi-fi chronothermostat (of the range-domestic boilers) to the front panel or to one of the sides of the boiler. Each Mirai series boiler is factory-equipped with a standa

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Fitting cover for boilers

Fitting covers (optional accessory) compatible with all Mirai boilers and Zen boilers 24kW and 29kW. It helps to hide the connection cables, making the installation cleaner.  

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FOT-HX060-015 adaptor Ø60/100 -> Ø80/125 compatible with Infinity 11i REU-1116FFU and Infinity 17i REU-1720FFU (FOT-HX060-015 can only be installed after vertical condensate header FOT-HX060-013).

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code FOT-KX060-005, wall exhaust Kit ø60/100mm with gas flue test. Compatible with domestic heat generators of the Amami series.

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FOT-HX060-007 wall exhaust kit compatible with Infinity 11i REU-1116FFU and Infinity 17i REU-1720FFU

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cod. FOT-KS080-004, 2x45° curve kit ø80/80mm. Compatible with domestic condensing heat generators and with condensing water heaters.

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cod. FOT-KX080-005, 90° coax curve ø80/125mm. Compatible with domestic condensing boilers and with Infinity condensing water heaters.

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cod. FOT-KS080-007, inlet/outlet exhaust  wall mounted kit ø80/80mm. Compatible with domestic and professional condensing boilers.

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