Mirai 24

Domestic gas combi boiler, condensing, 24kW.

Integrated outdoor climate probe, integrated condenser neutralizer and much more.
This boiler is ideal for installing condensation technology even on traditional high temperature systems, efficiently and saving on consumption.

Mirai is complete with intelligent thermostat with adjustment and self-diagnosis function.

For weekly tracking and remote control, there is the Wi-Fi chronothermostat accessory complete with dedicated My Rinnai APP for iOs and Android. Read mirai-wi-fi-remote-control to learn more.

Energy Class A: find the energy label below in the certifications.

Data sheet:
Model Mirai 24
Code REB-KA2024FF
Input Hs CH kW 19,5
Qn Input Hi CH kW 20,3
Qnw Input Hi DHW kW 24,0
Efficiency according EN677 (Hi/partial load) (ST/DT=80/60°C) % 96,1
Efficiency according EN677 (Hi/full load) (ST/DT=50/30°C) % 103,2
Modulation range CH (ST/DT=80/60°C) Heat. 6,7 - 19,5 kW
Modulation range CH (ST/DT=50/30°C) Heat. 7,2 - 21 kW
Modulation range CH DHW kW 3,5 - 23,5
NOx class 6
Flue gas temperature CH on full load (ST/DT=80/60°C) 70°C
Flue gas temperature CH on reduced load (ST/DT=50/30°C) 42°C
Gas consumption G20 CH at 1.013 mbar 15°C (Domestic) m³/h 0.42 (2.53)
Nominal gas pressure supply mbar 20
Appliance type B23,C43,C53,C63,C83
Max electric power consumption W 97
Electric power consumption partial load W 77
Electric power consumption stand by W < 3
Current V/Hz 230/50
Degree of protection according EN 60529 IPX5D
Weight (empty) 29 kg
W x H x D mm 660 x 440 x 280
Content expansion vessel l 8
Max settable temperature heating 80°C
DHW flow (∆T=38°C) l/min 9.6
DHW flow (∆T=25°C) l/min 13,5
EC product identification number (PIN) 0461CQ1038


Mirai Wi-Fi cronothermostat

To manage and control the MIRAI range-domestic boilers in complete freedom, wherever and whenever, there is the accessory Wi-Fi control. Thanks to the dedicated Rinnai APP MY RINNAI, available for Apple and Android sm

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Mirai standard remote control

The standard thermostat is included as standard in MIRAI range-domestic boilers. Installable in the same room of the boiler or in another environment according to your preferences, the thermostat is the brain of the b

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Magnets for remote controls

Adhesive magnets for applying the thermostat / wi-fi chronothermostat (of the range-domestic boilers) to the front panel or to one of the sides of the boiler. Each Mirai series boiler is factory-equipped with a standa

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Pipe cover for boilers

Fitting covers (optional accessory) compatible with all Mirai boilers and Zen boilers 24kW and 29kW. It helps to hide the connection cables, making the installation cleaner.  

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cod. FOT-KS080-004, 2x45° curve kit ø80/80mm. Compatible with domestic condensing heat generators and with condensing water heaters.

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cod. FOT-KX080-005, 90° coax curve ø80/125mm. Compatible with domestic condensing boilers and with Infinity condensing water heaters.

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cod. FOT-KS080-007, inlet/outlet exhaust  wall mounted kit ø80/80mm. Compatible with domestic and professional condensing boilers.

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