Dry Soft 6

Rinnai Dry Soft 6 is the 6kg load capacity gas dryer. Available for use with natural gas or LPG (cylinders) ensures guaranteed savings compared to electric dryers, without burdening your electricity bill and allowing the simultaneous use of other appliances.

  • Rinnai Dry Soft dryer is quiet, compact, fast: an incredible ally, reducing laundry ironing time. 
  • Dry Soft helps you: the pleasure of enjoying your free time and always having your favourite clothes on hand is priceless. 
  • Rinnai Dry Soft dryer is revolutionary for families with small children, because clothing can be washed and dried in a very short time, reducing the need to pull out clothes from the wardrobe. 
  • Try it also to "freshen up" clothes after they have been stored over summer/winter or after an evening in a crowded room: give new vitality to fabric.
  • Triple lint collecting filter Program selection digital display. 
A class for energy efficiency (ErP regulation)

Data sheet:
Model DRY SOFT 6
Standard drying capacity 6 kg
Height 684 mm
Width 650 mm
Depth 530 mm
Weight 32,4 kg
Drum capacity 98 L
Standard drying time < 60 min
Electricity CA 220V 50Hz
Input (min-max) Methane 1,7-4,2 kW; LPG 2,1-4,0 kW; Propane Air 1,7-4,2 kW
Nominal gas pressure Methane 20 mbar; LPG 30 mbar; Propane Air 20 mbar
Accessories included Shoe holder Bag for delicates
Installation Internal and external(provided that it is weatherproof)
Exhaust equipment For external installation, external elbow DT40NF. For internal installation, drain < 2m, corrugated plastic FOTDH85. For internal installation, drain < 4m, corrugated metal DPS75. maximun length 8m + nr. 2 curves


Protective cover 6

DRY SOFT COVER cod. DC-50 is the protective cover for outdoor installation; ideal when installing on balconies or verandas, to protect the dryer from the weathering, preserving it over time.

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Ø=80 connection kit

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discharge elbow for external installation

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Internal discharge kit with flexible metal terminal

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Bag for delicates

BAG FOR DELICATES cod. DB-1 is appropriate for protecting underwear and extremely delicate clothing items during drying. A standard one is included in every Rinnai Dry Soft.

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wall exhaust in plastic and flexible with sealing clamp

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Grid shoe

Grid shoe cod. DK-4 is included as standard. Ideal for drying shoes and small objects (such as stuffed children's toys) that can be placed on the grid and do not undergo movement during drying.

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