Ø=160-200 flue header for n. 5 Infinity k26i condensing or k32i internal in cascade system. 


This code is supplied complete with:
1. Collector Ø 160 mm equipped with double closing cap. 
2. Ø 160 mm  Collector
3. Flue gas swing check valve
4. Ø 80 mm  Water heater attachment
5. Ø 200 mm condensate discharge connection
6. Syphon Long John type
7. Flexible pipe for condensate discharge (length 2 metres)
8. Ø 125 mm  intrusion protection grill
9. Ø 200 mm extension (length 250mm) 
10. Ø 160 mm manifold collector (3° water heater expansion)
11. Ø 160 mm manifold collector (4° water heater expansion)
12. Ø 200 mm header (5° water heater expansion)

13. Eccentric reducer Ø 160-200 mm


A lubricant is present within the package to facilitate coupling of the pieces.
Observe the installation sequence of the components given by numbers placed on piece no. 4. Observe the installation distances between the individual units (50mm).


Compatible with Modus Infinity 5 and Modus Infinity 5 back 5  (2x).