Mirai Wi-Fi cronothermostat

To manage and control the MIRAI range-domestic boilers in complete freedom, wherever and whenever, there is the accessory Wi-Fi control.

  • Thanks to the dedicated Rinnai APP MY RINNAI, available for Apple and Android smartphones, setting and modifying boiler operation has never been so simple.
  • With the APP you can turn off or turn on the boiler from any distance, reset it in case of malfunction, receive status notifications and change the settings for unexpected changes of plans, such as an out-of-schedule dinner at the last minute, or set the alarm that, synchronizing with that of the smartphone, activate the boiler ten minutes before the morning awakening, to have the shower immediately hot.
  • With the same APP it is also possible to manage the operation of several boilers at the same time, for example one's own and that of elderly parents, or of the house in the mountains and enable more family members to control a boiler.

Data sheet:
Code for white color WF-100W
Code for black color WF-100B