Dry Soft

Gas clothes dryer, 6kg capacity.
The Dry-Soft clothes dryer capitalizes on the efficient heating power of gas to outperform conventional electric dryers in every way. Thanks to their gas-heated air, the quality of the dryness and the softness of the clothes can’t be beaten. Your clothes don’t just come out softer, they come out with less wrinkles too, which means less ironing. With the ability to dry a load of towels in under an hour, the Dry-Soft might be considered a luxury by some, but it’s a necessity for large families. The Dry-Soft produces about one quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions when compared to a standard electric dryer. As well as drying your clothes faster and more efficiently, it also saves on running costs. But, not only does the Dry-Soft take care of the environment, it also takes care of your clothes. Inbuilt sensors detect the moisture levels in the load, ensuring that clothes don't over-dry. This improves efficiency and helps reduce wrinkles, and ultimately the amount of ironing.
More Information
Installation Indoor/Outdoor
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 684x650x530
Energy Efficiency Class A
Output (KW) 1,7 - 4,2
Standard drying capacity (Kg) 6
Type Domestic
Product fiche (36.45 kB)
Manuale (7.35 MB)
Ecolabel (435.92 kB)
Certificato CE (613.44 kB)