Gas Condensing Boilers

Rinnai offers more types of condensation boilers to meet all the needs of comfort: Zen and Mirai for domestic heating, aiM as individual generators and in modules for commercial and industrial systems.

CONDENSATION technology is environmentally friendly and helps you save. Condensing boilers are cleaner and more efficient: and the water vapour contained in the combustion products is used to generate heat. By making the most of the condensate, the energy needed produce the desired heat is reduced, thereby saving energy. Condensing boilers, in fact, reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% and polluting emissions (NOx and CO2) by up to 70%, compared to "traditional" boilers.

Rinnai boilers comply with ErP regulations regarding ecodesign and ecolabelling.

Discover all the features within each product card.

  • gamma-domestica

    Domestic Range

    For domestic use Rinnai offers two ranges of condensation boilers. Zen, the latest addition to the Japanese House, offers maximum comfort t...CONTINUE
  • gamma-professionale

    Commercial Range

    In this range, you can find the best-performing, most advanced Rinnai generators for commercial users. Produced from high quality compo...CONTINUE