For each Rinnai product, a full range of standard and optional accessories are available, to complete and optimise installation and performance. Choose which categories below match your requirements.

  • caldaie_accessori


    A series of accessories for single module or for battery installation, for the management of climate zones and for energy consumption optimi...CONTINUE
  • scaldacqua_comandi-remoti

    Water heaters_Controls

    Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations. Simply set the water controller at your desired temperature, and then turn on the hot tap. There&rs...CONTINUE
  • scaldacqua-fumisteria2

    Water heaters_Flueing

    A full range of gas outlet apparatus is available for the installer, compatible with different types of Infinity models....CONTINUE
  • scaldacqua-cascata

    Water heaters_Cascades

    Condensing and commercial water heaters and commercial boilers can be installed in cascade through special circuit boards....CONTINUE
  • scaldacqua_collettori-fumi

    Water Heaters_K flue headers

    For modular installations of two or more internal condensing units (only models k26i and k32i), Rinnai offers a series of special flue heade...CONTINUE
  • scaldacqua_copri-raccordi

    Water Heaters_Pipe Covers

    A range of made-to-measure covers with the purpose of hiding cables to improve the aesthetic appearance and the safety of the system. ...CONTINUE
  • asciugabiancheria_accessori2


    A range of tailor-made accessories, included and optional to, complete the service offered by Rinnai clothes dryer and multiply in...CONTINUE
  • asciugabiancheria_fumisteria

    Dryer_Flue Systems

    The Rinnai clothes dryer uses gas technology. Therefore a flue system is necessary to properly disperse the fumes. Dry Soft can be installed...CONTINUE
  • caldaie_collettori-fumi

    Boilers_Commercial Flueing

    For modular installations of two or more commercial condensing boilers ...CONTINUE
  • caldaie_fumisteria


    For single module and cascade systems with more than one thermal generator, all the flue systems required to build the entire heating system...CONTINUE