Gas Water Heaters

Infinity is the line of Rinnai gas water heaters that represents the new frontier in the production of hot water for EASE OF INSTALLATION, COMFORT AND SAVINGS.

Available in various flow capacities, from 11 up to 32 l/min, the Infinity water heaters are fuelled by natural gas, LPG and propane air,  with electronic ignition (no pilot light) and forced flow (both in the internal version and external version) and are activated only when there is a real demand for hot water (for example when a tap is turned on) without the need for costly storage.

SAVINGS: Gas in itself is considerably cheaper than electricity. In addition, all Infinity models are equipped with "continuous modulation" gas valves which efficiently regulate combustion, cutting down on wasted energy. All devices operate by means of a water inlet temperature sensing system (activated only when needed), and this also allows it to work in perfect harmony with solar panels or heating stoves.

COMFORT: Each Infinity model is equipped as standard with a remote control where the exact desired water temperature can be set with accuracy, giving the pleasure of unlimited hot water at a constant temperature without the need for mixing.

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    Domestic Range

    The Infinity domestic range,  aimed at residential use or small business applications, is divided into units for external installation ...CONTINUE
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    Commercial Range

    Infinity DHW producers satisfy even the most demanding needs for the supply of hot water, thanks to the wide range of available products and...CONTINUE
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    Condensing range

    The Infinity condensing water heaters, divided into indoor and outdoor types, represent the best technology in the hot water production: max...CONTINUE
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    Large Systems

    Infinity condensing water heaters connected to each other, can be installed on the frame with pre-assembled Rinnai Modus modules:  &laq...CONTINUE