Rinnai - Experience Our Innovation.

With this motto Rinnai invites you to experience and discover its innovations. With more than 400 engineers engaged in research and development, the Rinnai Corporation is committed to making the future an everyday life reality, setting as its objective the design and manufacture of hi-tech devices that improve the daily life of individuals while respecting the environment. Rinnai develops its gas products (water heaters, furnaces, fan convector heaters, clothes dryer, ...) in line with the Kyoto Protocol directives. For this reason, the constant adjustment and precise control of combustion regimes in all its appliances, eliminates unnecessary and costly waste and reduces NOx emissions into the environment, demonstrating that reconciling individual interests with environmental interests is possible. Furthermore, safety is also an essential feature for Rinnai: all products have CE certification, which can be consulted on the product card.

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    Gas Water Heaters

    Infinity is the line of Rinnai gas water heaters that represents the new frontier in the production of hot water for EASE OF INSTALLATION, C...CONTINUE
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    Gas Condensing Boilers

    Rinnai offers more types of condensation boilers to meet all the needs of comfort: Zen and Mirai for domestic heating, aiM as individual gen...CONTINUE
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    Gas Clothes Dryer

    Cold temperatures and confined spaces make clothes drying difficult? Are you tired of laundry drying racks and lines of washing, but electri...CONTINUE
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    Recirculation Kit

    Rinnai offers HOT WATER PRE-HEATER, a recirculation kit that can be combined with any type of water heater, whether Rinnai or not. It regul...CONTINUE
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    For each Rinnai product, a full range of standard and optional accessories are available, to complete and optimise installation and performa...CONTINUE