Harmony, Spirit and Truth

because humanity guides our actions

to always set our objectives in accordance with our philosophy

so that our choices are always supported by scientific principles.

7 promises of commitment

1.Maintain a customer requirement based approach focused on the fact that  our presence in the market solely depends on the quality of the products we produce.
2.Provide products that offer safety, comfort, convenience, respecting the environment.
3.Improve people's lives through our products, achieving a balance between technological concept of heating and lifestyle.
4. Strengthen the ties between Rinnai group members worldwide, in order to obtain mutual prosperity and better quality products for our customers.
5.Build trust: as members of society, we can benefit from the well-being of our community only by actively contributing to it.
6.Give priority to our commitment to "harmony, spirit and truth" which are our guiding values​​.
7.As worthy members of society, to comply with laws and always act in accordance with universal ethical values​​.


Quality is our destiny.