The strength of a brand in the world

Rinnai examines family life in the twenty-first century and seeks to provide its customers with products that make it even more pleasant, comfortable and safe. We do not only grow with the needs of our customers, but we try to foresee their needs and improve their daily lives through more efficient and safe heating technology.

Gas is better

Gas is the heating energy source that is par excellence, which is why Rinnai has made gas technology its trademark. With a Research & Development department consisting of over 400 people, including engineers and technicians, working together from all over the world, it is the first industry in the production and design of gas appliances, to improve your work and your life.

Inspired by nature

Respecting the environment is a value that must be advocated and in which Rinnai firmly believes, which is why our products are inspired by nature and operate with maximum respect for the environment, as required by the Kyoto Protocol, of which both Italy and Japan are signatories.

Infinitely safer

Since its establishment in 1920, Rinnai's primary objective has been to provide maximum safety in the use of its products. With the latest developments, more and more electronic control tools have been inserted within each device to achieve this goal. We will never stop improving in order to be able to always offer the highest standards.