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Gas Water Heaters

Infinity 11e

The 11-liter Infinity water heater is a domestic instant water heater to be installed insi...

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Gas Condensing Boilers

ZEN 24

Domestic instant gas condensing thermal generator for heating and domestic hot water. Com...

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Gas Clothes Dryer

Dry Soft 6

Rinnai Dry Soft 6 is the 6kg load capacity gas dryer. Available for use with natural gas o...


Experience and tradition

Tradition and experience are the roots from which innovation unravels. For this reason the hot water specialists come from Japan: the country that has made thermal baths a cult.

Research and development

Over 400 technicians and engineers working to improve current machines and design those for the future.

Reliability and safety

Certified "zero defect" production sites providing the most reliable and safe products for you and your family.

Technology and innovation

Technology and genius in the service of increasingly higher performing products, that are safe and environmentally friendly, just as you would want them to be.

Environment and respect for nature

Rinnai complies with the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce its factory emissions, already converted to "zero emissions" and all its products.

Quality of life and useful technologies

Machines are useful only to the extent that they enhance your everyday life and make your life easier: this is the philosophy that guides our work.